G givenchy spring summer 2015


The G Givenchy diamond detail is used as a laser cut perforation throughout, with diamond structured open hole mesh panelling creating breathable sports inspired layers. Hybrid silhouettes in contrasting textured fabrics, embroidered, embossed, beaded and bonded create a cohesive story throughout with conflicting combinations that sit alongside colourful digital computer glitch prints.

Colour plays its role in dramatic bold usage. Alert Red, a primal colour that persists in many cultures to this day as the sacred colour of respect and as a tribute to the gods is juxtaposed against Cobalt Blue, the colour of divinity and historically used in ceramics as a luxurious agent and the colour of stability. These colours are alternated in prints and solids alongside the adopted subtle monochromatic tones that the house of Givenchy is renowned for.


Spring summer 2015 advertising campaign