G Givenchy FW22
For FW22 G Givenchy continues its core value of sustainability, focusing on a larger variety of more eco-conscious approaches in fashion, as a powerful platform to make the message desirable. One of our brand’s main core values is aiming for high level of eco-consciousness, with nature-based solutions. Having the first two capsules as eco-conscious driven capsules, showing the embracement of both design and sustainability on products, offering a variety of modern and stylish silhouettes, with a combination of advanced techniques and precious materials, creating a unique and eco-friendly G Givenchy.

The design of this capsule evokes the power and poetry of ancient Chinese warriors, who are most popular and glorified for showing loyalty and righteousness. Continuing our value of sustainability, our threads, fabrics and hardwares are mainly made of eco-friendly materials. Utility pocket details, fringes, strong graphics and slogans using non toxic ink are included for depicting warriors’ power, strength and agility, embellishing detail to the contemporary style. Turning warriors’ double-edged blade into design elements, like graphic and trims, further express our commitment to sustainability, the expression of a double-edged blade literally has a double meaning, having a positive environmental impact is crucial and embraces change also suggests something that is very disruptive and hard work for us to achieve, both favorable and unfavorable consequences much like yin & yang.

To portrait the idea of companionship, love, warmth and happiness, an update is given to our GG logo, integrated lovers’ lucky loop, with another meaning of representing infinity. Introducing “BE MINE” slogan, in both signature and normal style, with a mixture of interesting techniques, such as heavy embroidery, heat sensitive print, deboss and emboss, giving a romantic and enjoyable touch for valentine’s day.
Rewinding those situations in the pandemic, the emotion of homesick and solemnity is perfectly expressed by poet Li Bai’s “Thoughts on a Silent Night”. The wordings in this poem are laser engraved onto denim, which is an eco-friendly approach for us to express our care for the environment, apart from emotional reflection after pandemic, it is an environmental reflection. This poem illustrates a combination of nighttime imagery and spare form, which are used as graphic, and its deep navy tone is largely indulged in this capsule.  
Following the theme on historical reference, the golden week capsule takes inspiration from Chinese constellations, the four famous mythological creatures that appear among the north, east, south and west, which are black tortoise, azure dragon, vermilion bird and white tiger respectively, they are viewed as the guardians of the four cardinal directions. Their symbolic colors and elements are largely emerged into our graphics and colour tones, abstract gradient of their symbolic colors is a highlight of this capsule, bringing a vivid and lively feeling. Interpretations of these characters are applied as jacquard, direct digital prints, embroideries and patches, along with signature rose gold G Givenchy hardware that matches the theme of the story throughout in detail.
Continuing the minimal aesthetic into winter season, with minimal details, clean finishing, heavy padding without top stitching, internal pocket impression and double layers. Using heat sensitive fabric and print technique to bring an interesting effect to the garment, making the minimal capsule clean but in a changeable way, adding a bit excitement for the winter season. Essential wear for winter season with premium quality down and puffer jackets, and the luxury cashmere are included. Beige, lemon and ice blue are added for lightening up the cold season, giving an extra amount of freshness.