G Givenchy SS23
In SS23 collection, we continue bringing a contemporary, sports inspired aesthetic mixed with sophistication and great attention to detail. SS23 has capsule collections devoted to our love for nature. From mountains to rivers, land and water, many special characteristics are depicted and transformed into garments through graphics, print applications, fabric and knit techniques in both our ALPS and FLUID capsules. G Givenchy strives to create modern and desirable products with the least impact on our environment, continuing to push towards a more sustainable future is the eco-considered capsule: SPLIT.

A year of the Rabbit celebration. The symbolic cultural meaning of a rabbit is closely related to its habits, including vigilance, wittiness, and cautiousness. The rabbit also symbolises fertility in traditional Chinese culture due to its prolific reproductive performance. The rabbit often painted on flags in ancient times was said to protect those who were born in the year of the rabbit, therefore being called the “Lucky rabbit”.
Our seasonal G Givenchy monogram interpretation and integrations of red and orange graphic and trim detailing give a touch of Chinese festivity mixed with our iconic rose gold hardware.
To portrait the love of nature, this capsule is inspired by how we embrace the wonder of nature, the great outdoors, hiking to find peace up on a mountain, that unique feeling of calm and tranquillity. Appreciating the stillness and listening to the silence.
Mountain Kunlun Shan is a mountain range in Chinese mythology, believed to be the origin of Daoism. This capsules product expresses that relaxed, calm and cool aesthetic with artistic graphic interpretations inspired by those mountains. Using black metal hardware and cool tone pop integration details throughout.
Continuing the theme of embracing nature, this capsule is inspired by the beauty of water, it’s simplicity, fluidity and flow. Water is the driving force of all nature. The reflective characteristic of water is delivered through graphic and print application. Using semi-transparent fabric and transparent print to showcase the lightness of water. With silver hardware, transparent silicone gel prints and reflective printing, creating a capsule with a pure minimal aesthetic.
As eco-consciousness is a core value of G Givenchy, SPLIT is an eco-conscious capsule.
A bold black and white capsule embracing our heritage at the House of Givenchy. The significant box G logo and GG logo are used throughout, with various deconstructed effects and disrupted placement graphic diversity. Seams are juxtaposed and subtlety is applied with fabric mixing. An essential product offer that reflects our need for change to how products should be made.