For SS21 G Givenchy has applied arts and crafts techniques to complement its contemporary tech-centric luxury appeal. A full offer of essential capsules that look through the lens of craft, sports, science and technology. Over the centuries China has developed and protected its excellence in arts. Famous for its rich heritage and a wide variety of excellent workmanship they have developed their own unique style, a combination of elegance with precious materials and elaborate designs.

The infinity loop has been regarded as a lucky symbol in China for centuries. The number 8 believed to be the luckiest number of all due to its sounding similarity to the word wealth, fortune or prosper. The multiple use of the 8 - ‘888’ or ‘88’ bears a resemblance to the word meaning ‘double happiness’. In context the ‘888’ branding for this Infinity capsule collection can be connected to the belief that it may offer you something positively unlimited for eternity.
888 has a bold sophisticated performance aesthetic that considers fabric structures, lightweight layering, ventilation and obsessive refined sportswear finishing, with the greatest of attention to detail and comfort.

A capsule offer to celebrate the coming of a new year. 2021 is the year of the OX in the Chinese zodiac calendar, a symbol of diligence, persistence and honesty. Essential silhouettes with the applied OX graphic storytelling comes in youthful, playful applications. Embroidered patches on a bold colour palette grounded in red sit alongside monochromatic embellished ox logo monograms and rose gold ox pins.

A tribute to something that feels handmade, textile fabric panelling with traditional Chinese inspired craft pattern appliques. Hand stitched details on natural fibre fabrications with distressed hardware finishing with detailed embroidered tapes and tassels.

Thematic graphic storytelling, derived and inspired from the Chinese ‘Shan Hai Jing’ mythical book that has existed since the 4th Century BC.
A Chinese classic with a compilation of mythical beasts and creatures that shares the relationship between the physical world and mythical world. Primitive cultural and mythological information based on the presentation of human consciousness and spiritual growth. Interpretations of these characters are applied as direct prints, embroideries and patches, along with signature G Givenchy font usage, beaded cords and rose gold hardware.