G Givenchy FW23
FW23 offers a contemporary, sports inspired aesthetic, mixed with sophistication and great attention to detail. These capsule collections are devoted to our love for nature and technology combined. TechNature is a concept that unites the organic and inorganic and plays a prominent role throughout the design process. A morphogenesis of these two worlds combined, the tendency for matter to self-organize and re-pattern itself as one.

ETERNAL: Forever Lasting / Existing Forever. This symbolic Valentine capsule looks into lovers’ habits, the power of eternal love, an unbreakable bond between two soulmates destined for each other. The intimate body language of a couple holding hands, two entwined by a red thread. This red thread refers to an ancient Chinese legend, where the gods tie an invisible red string around the ankles of those that are destined to meet one another regardless of time, place, or circumstances.

To portrait the love of nature, this capsule is inspired by how we embrace the wonder of nature itself, even the most unlikely and sometimes overlooked aspects of nature like moss. The kind of moss or lichen that grows on rocks, walls, or trees. Most lichens are very sensitive to pollution, thriving in very clean air environments. Some are lime green or electric yellow, some naturally camouflage the surface they grow on, some are like miniature shrubs. Within modern science lichens have helped to change the way life is understood, where several different organisms can come together and collaborate in the building of new life.
This capsule expresses this aesthetic, artistic graphic interpretations inspired by the lichen are used throughout, contemporary outdoor silhouettes have ergonomic seams and subtle asymmetry, folded print effects, organic zip pullers and pinking sheared seam sealing are combined with lichen embroideries and prints, chenille knits and polar fleece.

Continuing the theme of TechNature Odyssey considers a long voyage away from home, a spiritual quest for enlightenment. A journey using the earth’s natural resources. Solar cell energy, garments that help protect you from harmful man-made elements. Venting or waterproofing that consider the temperature or condition. Soft geometric seams, invisible zips and solar cell panel pockets. Detachable hoods, wind turbine branding and thermoregulated window prints that inform the wearer, combined with minimal solar wind wave prints and a cool vapour wave colour palette.